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Starting An Online Business In 2020

If you wanted to be your own boss, or are potentially facing job loss and looking to supplement your income, you've probably thought about starting an online business. You’re in good company.

The first thing you should be thinking about is what you have to offer. Is it something that's in demand with the current economic environment? Food delivery service, personal or home care, health-related items are in big demand as I write this. Is it something that people need to conduct their everyday life, or is it a specialty item or treat. Whatever it may be, focus on things that have strong demand or are niche that only you could provide. 

If you need help coming up with a business idea, a couple of tools that you might leverage in your research are Google Trends and a Chrome browser tool called Surferseo.  These tools can help show what people are searching for online and the popularity of those searches as well. Both will also tell you the search volume and other similar searches and terms. Using these tools will help you understand how many people are actually looking for the type of good or service you might offer as well as how you may want to tune your website or online store for optimal SEO results.

Not all online businesses require that their services or goods be delivered online, it's just that the order or transaction often takes place online. For instance, if I'm a dog walker or auto detailer and I want to have an online business. I can set up a website to book appointments and sell my services, but I'm actually planning on delivering the services to the customers at their home location. Additionally, if I'm a wedding photographer, I may want to book appointments or sell my services online, but the actual wedding photographs are done on location at the time of the event. Finally, other types of online businesses may revolve around selling physical goods like handcrafted soaps, electronics or jewelry via a website, Etsy, Amazon or eBay.

Websitebuilder.com allows you to build an online store to sell services, physical and digital goods. In addition, it allows you to integrate with marketplace offerings so you can sell your products and manage inventory across eBay, Walmart, and Amazon. Just click Online Store to get started (yes, for free!) and give any one of our online agents a shoutout if you need any help.

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