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Small Business Musings Amid a COVID-19 Lockdown

If you're like many small businesses, your work may have recently been stopped in its tracks. You may be dreaming of when you can get back to making a living, serving customers and well... feeling productive. Right now, it's important that you feel and stay safe, but if you're like most, your mind wanders. 

You may find it helpful, or even valuable, to share with others what's going on in your day-to-day and even your plan for returning to business in the future. Blogging can be a way to help explore thoughts and to share what's on your mind with others. Let’s face it, some people have used this pandemic for questionable means. And sometimes a lot of their outreach seems more than little self-serving. But if you've got time (and right now who doesn't), maybe it's time to let the world hear your authentic small business voice. What are you thinking about? Where does your mind go as a business owner thinking about the not too distant future? What are you doing to help others, your neighbors, your family? What are some of the ways you’re using innovation to keep your business afloat?  All of these things are good things to share with other small business owners. Muse away in safe seclusion... it's time the world hears your voice.

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