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Not On HGTV? Sell Your Home, With A Website Instead!

It's funny, a lot of people trying to sell their home get a real estate broker to take some marginal pictures which they then squish onto a big real estate listing board. It gets you eyeballs, but it often leaves a lot to be desired. The challenge is often that the images are not that good or that plentiful, and you just can't create the wonderful feeling, or even the branding, that a personalized “House Website” can create. With Websitebuilder.com, you can get a custom domain for your street address (https://achterdehoven116a.com/) and put tons of images, videos, open house dates and contact forms. You can even create an email marketing list to engage with your audience using the people who came to your site, wanting to see your home!. Will it guarantee that your home sells? Of course not - but it's a way to market your house far more powerfully, and in a way that creates a distinctive real estate experience.

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