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How to Get Paid with Twitch Streaming

While anyone can stream, using Twitch to make money can be a big leap for your streaming career. When you hit Affiliate status, you will be able to engage in different facets of Twitch's revenue sharing. This article will cover various methods that will encourage you to earn an income via Twitch.

Monetizing Your Twitch Account

Advertising dollars for Twitch come from promoting individual games on their pages. The creators of such games are paying Twitch for the site's publicity. The advertisement revenue created by visitors from browsing your channel tapping on ads is shared between you and Twitch and is sent to your PayPal account by Twitch. When you choose to post the links that viewers can pursue to buy different games, you can make a profit on those clicks.

The Twitch Partner Program

You can qualify for the Twitch Partner Program with a substantial following. It allows your audience to purchase a subscription to your channel and content. Again, you will share profits with Twitch, but with subscribers, you make money every month, whether or not such subscribers watch videos and advertising. As a sponsor, you also have the leverage to help launch a promotional campaign, plus greater control over the content of the video.

Twitch Donations

You can seek donations from your supporters to help you spend longer amusing them on Twitch. Viewers can directly donate to through your provided PayPal account or other credit card information. You can set a target for donations and demonstrate your progress toward that target. It serves as an opportunity to engage your supporters.

Affiliate Marketing

Entering the Affiliate program, alongside bit donations, is one of the first methods many Twitch streamers start making money on the site before becoming a Twitch Affiliate. Being an affiliate is equivalent to a supporting income, and you never get paid a fixed rate. Instead, when anyone taps on a link, you get rewarded a referral fee every time.

Twitch Ad Revenue

Twitch Partners have their ad sales reserved. When you hit that point, the payoff can be massive. Twitch provides both show and pre-roll advertisements, and every streamer earns payment based on the standard cost per impression (CPM) model. The better content you make, the more people who check out your channel which will in turn increase your ad revenue.

Affiliation to an Esports Organization

The average wage for Esports is around $60,000 per annum. The best players can make $1-$3 million annually! Although this income does not come directly from Twitch, displaying your on-stream talents may get you noticed by and recruited to an Esports organization.

Purchasing Bits on Twitch

Bits are animated emojis which Twitch users use real money to buy from the platform. While you stream, those who watch can use it within the chat group to give you motivation or admiration. Every time a spectator utilizes a Bit, you earn a penny from Twitch.

YouTube content

YouTube is another great medium to make money out of your gaming activities on Twitch. You can meet new markets by uploading your Twitch videos to YouTube, which can increase your Twitch user base and also gain YouTube revenue.

Selling your merch

For some streamers, merch can be a significant revenue source. Streaming networks give consumers plenty of tips and provide some handy resources to help improve retail sales for starting off, which kind of goods you choose to sell. T-shirts, cups, and even toys made from plush are a popular pick. You can sell digital items and products like tracks or eBooks as well.

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