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How To Get A Branded Email Address

If you're building a brand, professionalism and consistency is key. And when communicating via email with customers or an audience, they expect professionalism. The good new is that if you If you're using WebsiteBuilder, Constant Contact, BlueHost or some other website platform setting up a professional email address for your company is easy, but more importantly you can get also access to a whole bunch of additional productivity tools

Tip: To show audiences you're for real you need to upgrade from [email protected] to [email protected]

Here’s how to get one faster than you can say “you’ve got …(mail...OK Boomer)”

If you've been living with an AOL, RocketMail, Gmail or Yahoo address it's really time to professionalize your image. So for a bit more credibility, create a custom email through GSuite.com right inside your WebsiteBuilder home portal.

First you'll need to get a professional domain name and then you can add GSuite. This means you'll not have an @gmail.com or @yahoo.com at the end of your name, but an individual address: [email protected]. That being said, you do have to pay for it, usually around $6 per month.

The setup process is is pretty straightforward, and comes with step-by-step guides to get you through it. If you’re stuck in any place, you can instantly get in touch with someone via WebsiteBuilder phone or online chat. Once you’re set up, the program you'll get easy calendar and contacts importing, the ability to add users to your domain name, and syncing on your smartphone.

With GSuite via WebsiteBuilder you'll also get:

  • Drive: Google Storage

  • Docs: Google's written document tool

  • Sheets: Spreadsheet creation tool

  • Slides: Powerpoint compatible presentations

  • Calendar: To organize your work

  • Hangouts: Online video and call in meetings

Next step: Start using your new, spiffy email address to show off to your friends and family. You know you want to.

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