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Domains & Logos For Small Business Branding

Bryant Electrical Logo Example

If you're starting a new side hustle or building a small business you understand that branding is important. I’ve brought to market a number of small businesses over the years, but if your new to the process, what is Domain & Logo based branding? 

In a nutshell, domain and logo branding is at the center of how you present who you are to your audience, be they listeners, viewers, prospects or customers.  And just like your name, what a business is called is important key.

Domains & Business Naming

Start you brand by thinking about your name and identity. What do you want your idea to be called? Does it clearly state what you do? Is there a specific look or style you envision for your logo? Have you tested those names or concepts on potential customers? When naming a business I advise starting by making sure the domain name is available. Even if you start your identity on Instagram or Facebook, at some point you’ll want to make sure you have a domain name that can be used for professional email or a website. So start doing domain name searches early on in the process. Do you need a .com or is there something better? Maybe you want .Restaurant, .Blog or .Guru to be more powerful. Ultimately you want to control a domain name like a businesses property or asset.  You need it to complete your brand and to make sure no one else owns it or comes along after you’ve launched and purchases what you should rightfully own. 

Tip: If the first domain you come up with isn’t available, don’t get discouraged, try a phrase or add words that help define what you do. If you’re an electrician, dog walker or cupcake baker in Boston what should you do?

Why not help your Google search positioning for customers by getting a domain like: 

Instead of just using

and hoping people find your website or service. 

Logos & Name Visuals

Having something more interesting associated with your business and domain that supports a consistent brand identity is important for any business or influencer. Using a our included LogoBuilder you can create something that best represents your brand, but don’t make things complicated. Logos should not only be visually interesting but simple to replicate as well. That’s especially if you hope to put them on branded merchandise whether that be t-shirts hoodies, business cards or coffee mugs. Also consider whether you want a vertical, horizontal layout or shape based layout. Horizontal layouts are typically what people envision, but a vertical logo with an icon above and text below can be quite effective. Most importantly keep it simple. Overly complex logos can be distracting and tough to visually process. 

Bryant Electrical Logo ExampleNo description available

Today you've got a lot of choices when selecting branding tools, and with WebsiteBuilder we created an all-in-one platform that allows you to get a domain and build an awesome logo quickly and easily.

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