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How To Get A Branded Email Address

When naming a business I advise starting by making sure the domain name is available. Even if you start your identity on Instagram or Facebook, at some point you’ll want to make sure you have a domain name to protect your branding.


Domains & Logos For Small Business Branding

In a nutshell, domain and logo branding is at the center of how you present who you are to your audience, be they listeners, viewers, prospects or customers.  And just like your name, what a business is called is important key.

Web Presence

Get Your Business Listed On Google Maps

So you've got a business with a physical location. Are you on Google Maps? If not, you should be. The way you get on Google Maps is with a thing called Google My Business. With WebsiteBuilder it’s included as a part of our website toolset.


Working From Home Amidst Stay At Home Orders

If you're like many of us around the globe working from home you're probably looking for tips on how to stay focused, enjoy yourself and maintain a semblance of sanity in the process.


Free Email Tool For Emergency Communications

Recently our nation has been faced with some incredibly significant challenges around the advent of COVID-19. As a result, many businesses and individuals who provide services are looking for free tools to quickly communicate with their audiences.


Starting An Online Business In 2020

If you wanted to be your own boss, or are potentially facing job loss and looking to supplement your income, you've probably thought about starting an online business. You’re in good company.