So you want to make use of the free ad credits which came with your account, right? First, you need a privacy policy! I know what you are thinking, you’ve only just made your website and you already have to deal with legalities, but it’s not all bad. WebsiteBuilder make it super easy to add a privacy policy to your website, simply click on the ‘Free Ad Credits’ button in the sidebar (pictured here) -


Upon clicking this, you will be brought to a page which allows you to insert a privacy policy into your page, which you can fill using sites like (company quoted is an example not a recommendation, WebsiteBuilder is not liable for any terms quoted in your privacy policy)

See, it wasn’t that bad!

Once you have added a privacy policy to your website, you are ready to start advertising on the big search engines, Google and Bing.

With Google, to get your £75 free ad credits, you simply need to click the Google icon on the ‘Free Ad Credits’ page, set up an account and campaign, then spend at least £25 (which is not hard to reach by any means).

The process is the same for Bing, but instead of having to spend £25, you don’t have to spend anything to get your coupon. However, the coupon is only £50 with Bing, so it works out the same for each search engine.

The beauty of search engine advertising is, you can spend as little or as much as you want, targeting product hungry customers with credit cards in hand, ready to buy. By setting a daily budget, the spending will never run away from you.

To find these customers, you need to get into their head. Think ‘What are they searching when they try to find a product like mine?’, these are your keywords. To appear in searches for those keywords, you need to bid for the positions, but it isn’t conventional bidding. It’s very hard to work out what your competitors are bidding, so the best practice is to try and work out what each click is worth to you, then work from there.

I could write for pages upon pages about how you can use search engine advertising more efficiently and more profitably, but for your benefit, instead of reading my babbles,pick up a book on Google Adwords. It may just be the best investment you ever make.