The art of designing and publishing websites has been revolutionized in the recent years, thanks originally to WordPress and more recently drag and drop website editors. The changes have not only been in technology, skills requirements and accessibility, however. It has become a hell of a lot cheaper to make your own website, you can even do it for free…

With WebsiteBuilder, before you even pay a penny you can get a fantastic feel for the service - picking a template, editing it and even publishing it. You have access to the majority of the features which make WebsiteBuilder famously easy to use, giving you full confidence in the service before giving your card details.

Of course, there are some benefits to having an upgraded site. It would be unrealistic to expect that there are no costs behind making a website visitable, hosting has to be done on a tangible server somewhere, which costs money to buy, run and upkeep. This means there has to be a compromise, which comes in the form of ads. Luckily, the adverts WebsiteBuilder add to free websites are very small and non-intrusive, here’s an example using our top template -

Our only ad is the navy blue sliver you see at the bottom of the page.

A free website from a website builder or hosting service is typically published to a subdomain of the service used. For example, we use “” for our free users, which allows a level of customisation whilst still keeping synonymous with our name. WIth WebsiteBuilder, you get a free domain for upgrading, so you can choose to keep your website’s URL as a subdomain of WebsiteBuilder or pick your own (subject to availability). Domains are a great way to set your website apart from all others and creating an identity online. They are extremely important for branding, SEO and future traffic, as the memorability of your domain can make or break return visit stats. Search engines prefer domains which are exactly the same as the searched term, for example: When a google user searches ‘Website Builder’, Google will take preference on our domain ‘’ because of it’s direct relativity to the search term. If you sell bespoke jewellery, the ideal domain for you would be “” (or perhaps if sell to UK visitors).

For those who are serious about the websites perception and functionality should upgrade, as the free websites are meant for nothing other than testing and getting a feel for the website building process. You can publish the site and invite other to give their opinion, test different templates and layouts, you could really master the aesthetics of your website before laying down any money at all. This is part of what’s making WebsiteBuilder one of the fastest growing DIY website building services online!

You can upgrade for as low as £5, which is one trip to McDonalds, to give you some perspective. It is seriously worth it, especially if you plan to sell goods on your site! You can upgrade to eCommerce for the price of a lunch out, but it’s far more valuable than filling up your belly. eCommerce has made more people millionaires and billionaires in the past decade than oil, and setting up an online shop is far easier!

Can you really build a free website? Of course. All you need is an email address and 2 minutes. Start your website, completely free, today!